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AAAE Seeks Accredited Members for Board of Examiners

top story photo The American Association of Airport Executives is seeking dynamic Accredited Members to fulfill the duties as At-large Examiners for the AAAE Board of Examiners. One position will serve a three-year term, starting January 2018 and eligible for renewal May 2021, and the other will serve a two-year term, starting April 2018 and eligible for renewal May 2020.

The criteria used to solicit and select a BOE representative is as follows:

The BOE is an eleven-member board, reporting to the AAAE Executive Committee; there are six (6) chapter representatives, four (4) At-large representatives, and a Chair.

Interested candidates must be an Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E.) in good standing and able to fully participate in, and fulfill, the duties listed below, without exception.

The BOE is a committed group of individuals tasked with oversight of the three-step Accreditation Program. The BOE is responsible for: program development and oversight; strategic planning; recommending program changes to the AAAE Executive Committee and Board of Directors; implementing approved changes; developing and updating course, study and other informational materials; developing proctored essay and final interview questions; grading papers, proctored essays and case studies; mentoring and managing Executive Candidates; and conducting Final Interviews.

Other requirements: BOE members must be able to travel to and attend two (2) BOE Retreats each year, as well as major conferences (AAAE Annual Conference and Exposition, National Airports Conference, and the respective Chapter Conferences to conduct Final Interviews or participate in BOE related conference sessions). Each BOE member receives an annual travel allowance in the amount of $4,500 from AAAE to help offset travel expenses.

To qualify for consideration, the following is required:

1. Letter of Interest from Accredited Member, including resume

2. Letter of Support from the employer

The selection process involves the following:

1. Each Applicant submits his or her packet to Cyrus T. Callum, A.A.E., ACE, Chair, Board of Examiners, at accreditation@aaae.org on or before close of business, Friday, November 17, 2017.

2. BOE Chair will facilitate a process to review qualifications of the submittals to determine which candidate is the best fit for the BOE (experience and job discipline, diversity, race, gender, airport size, etc.) by December 1, 2017.

3. BOE Chair will make written recommendation to the AAAE Executive Committee so the matter can be considered at the AAAE Annual Aviation Issues Conference in January 2018.

4. BOE Chair will advise the selected Accredited Member that is confirmed by the AAAE Executive Committee when appropriate after the Annual Aviation Issues Conference.

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