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Design/maintain the Airport's vehicle replacement program Perform detailed inspections of Airport fleet vehicles to determine necessary repairs; recommend appropriate repair/replacement procedures; and determine method of repair activities Coordinate purchase of parts, equipment, and supplies; select repair service providers; and ensure all appropriate procedures are followed Complete/process a variety of documentation, including work orders, billing statements, hazardous materials records, and personnel-related forms Plan, prioritize, supervise, review, inspect, and participate in the work of staff and outside contractors Participate in the selection of technical repair staff; provide and/or coordinate staff training; work with employees to correct deficiencies; and implement discipline procedures Participate in the development of policies and procedures: ensure compliance with established policies and procedures; and make recommendations for changes/improvements to existing standards Maintain and update a variety of files and records; ensure that all records are maintained in accordance with policies Monitor budget/fiscal expenditures
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14712928

The Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority is searching for their next Director of Airport Development! This is an exciting opportunity to join the Authority’s Leadership Team and make a difference in the Northeast Indiana region. While 2020 was a challenging year for the aviation industry, Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) outpaced the U.S. domestic passenger recovery by 20%. FWA maintained the service of all airlines that had been serving the airport prior to 2020, and the airport is positioned for growth in 2021. The Director of Airport Development is primarily responsible for marketing and development of all property owned by the Authority for aeronautical and non-aeronautical purposes, excluding terminal area usage by concessionaires, parking vendors, or the airlines and excluding hangar leases. This includes both FWA, Smith Field Airport (SMD), the adjacent Air Trade Center and all other developable property owned by the Authority.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14712253

The ideal candidate for the position of Director of Operations will possess a minimum of eight years of experience within an airport environment, with a preference of five years of supervisory experience at a small or medium hub airport, and three years’ experience in facility management. Must have in-depth knowledge of Part 139, TSA 1500 regulations, Part 77, and advisory circulars pertaining to airport operations. The candidate must have a B.A. degree, ideally with major course work in aviation management, airport operation, security, safety, or other related field. AAAE accreditation is preferred; the Airport will support the candidate in the progress of obtaining certification or flight training, as needed.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14712322

The ideal candidate for this position directs and manages all purchasing, acquisition, receiving, and DBE functions of the Authority’s operation including all RFQs and RFPs for acquisitions. Provides leadership and management of the purchasing and inventory efforts of the Authority.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14712487

Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC) is recruiting for an Airport Operations Manager. The position is a senior level position within the Operations Division reporting to the Operations Division Deputy Director and responsible for providing key oversight and management of one of the four Sections within the Operations Division: Airside, Landside, Security and Terminal Management/Passenger Experience. The Operations Manager may temporarily serve in the Deputy Directors place as necessary. The successful candidate will have strong knowledge of the operations and management of a major airport, aviation and airport industry standards, policies, practices, and rules, including FAR Parts 139, and 77 and CFR 1542 as well as applicable best practices related to all areas of Airport Operations. Additionally, the candidate will possess strong customer service skills and knowledge of financial practices relating to prepare and administer the airport's operating budget and experience with the management of contracts and permits.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14712898

Ensures Boise airport maintains Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certifications and compliance. Processes security badging/credentialing and training applications, and associated functions to complete the credentialing and badging process. Work is performed under general supervision.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14712918

Oversee and manage the operation of the newly reorganized Aviation Services Section. This section will include: The Air Transport Unit which provides air transportation services to state employees utilizing a variety of aircraft and seven employees including two supervisors. The Electronic Facilities and unmanned aerial system unit which provides a variety of specialized services to airports and MDOT staff including maintenance and installation of weather stations and navigational aids and also provides guidance, training, and oversight to MDOT’s Unmanned Aerial Systems deployment and is served by three employees including a supervisor. This position will also lead MDOT’s effort to integrate unmanned aircraft systems into the Michigan airspace system supported by the operational expertise contained with the Electronic Facilities team and other MDOT experts
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14707780

This position provides management and oversight of all airport resources including; airline gates, passenger loading bridges, ticket counters, baggage claims devices, baggage make-up carousels, and aircraft hardstand parking areas for all passenger, cargo, and charter aircraft operations at AUS. Provides recommendations regarding airport terminal facility layout and aircraft parking to facilitate proposed capital development and construction plans. Coordinates all tenant and stakeholder modification requests to parking layouts and assignments for aircraft and ground service equipment. Approves ground service equipment and vehicle parking on the ramp. Ensures uninterrupted airline flight operations as they pertain to gate scheduling and management. Develops operational methods to maximize current resource utilization and layouts based on existing and proposed operational conditions. Defines and develops existing Resource Management System (RMS) and Airport Operational Database (AODB) systems to provide capacity for future airport data demands and positions the airport to better leverage new technology in the future.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14685630

The Chicago Rockford International Airport has an opening for an Operations Specialist.The position requires the ability to perform airfield operations including but not limited to monitoring and controlling the use of the airport, providing information assistance to both airport users and public with excellent communication skills. An understanding of FAA part 139, 77, 150 and TSA 1542 is critical. The ability to perform in the airfield area and conduct various operational duties is essential. The position requires the ability to work various shifts including evenings, weekends, and holidays. Overtime required as needed or based on the seasonality. The full job description is posted at flyrfd.com.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14708126

The Airfield Operations Specialist (AOS) performs liaison work with the FAA, Airport Tenants and WCAA personnel. Inspects Airport Facilities and equipment for FAR Part 139 compliance (Airport Safety Self-Inspection), safety, and security, in accordance with governing criteria. The AOS works on and around the Airport including the Airport Operations Area, terminals, dispatch center and various Airport assets. This position is a 24/7/365-day operation which includes weekends, holidays and overtime. Overtime may be required.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14702672

The Birmingham Airport Authority is currently recruiting for the position of Facilities Manager. Under limited supervision, the Airport Facilities Manager is responsible for day-to-day management of all airport operational functions including airport facilities, grounds, and building maintenance, environmental compliance, and supervision of all maintenance personnel. The Airport Facilities Manager will serve as primary liaison with the Federal Airport Administration (FAA) for the purpose of ensuring FAR Part 139 compliance; performs related duties, as required.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14705102

Perform detailed inspections of airfield and landside assets to determine extent of necessary repairs; recommend appropriate repair and replacement procedures; and determine method of repair activities Coordinate with procurement to purchase parts, equipment, and supplies; select repair service providers; ensure all procedures are followed Complete and process a variety of documentation, including work orders, billing statements, hazardous materials records; and personnel-related forms Ensure proper maintenance of all asphalt and concrete surfaces, including patching, painting, snow removal, and sweeping Plan, prioritize, supervise, review, inspect, and participate in the work of staff and outside contractors Participate in the selection of staff; provide and/or coordinate staff training; work with employees to correct deficiencies; and implement discipline procedures Maintain and update a variety of files and records; ensure that all records are maintained in accordance with policies Serve as a key member of the airport snow removal team.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14694828

The City of Fort Lauderdale employees possess a passion for public service demonstrated by a high degree of enthusiasm, self-reliance, and job proficiency. They effectively convey the vision and mission of the organization and provide excellent service and satisfaction to our internal and external customers. Plans, develops, and implements division activities related to business development, attraction and retention, as well as business outreach, including business assistance and business and industry marketing for assigned area. Develops and implements comprehensive marketing strategies, initiatives and zone development plans. Develops plans for marketing the zone through local, state, national and international economic development agencies. Collaborates with the City's regulatory departments in a continuous effort to improve customer service operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline processes, and to work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality business services. NOTE: The duties of this position will include all of those duties set forth in the official job description.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14695004

1. Participate in the development and monitoring of department and Authority-wide budgets through partnering with various stakeholders across the organization. 2. With direction, develop, review, summarize and analyze financial plan projections and documents utilizing budgeting software. 3. Research and answer financial and budget inquiries submitted by staff and Authority management. 4. Develop, analyze, maintain and distribute various periodic and ad-hoc financial, statistical, analytical and management reports and statements. 5. Assist in ensuring that Authority's accounting, financial, budgeting and other business financial information and records are accurate and complete. 6. Assist in the review, evaluation and monitoring of capital development plans and budgets. 7. Develop and utilize spreadsheets, databases and other computer applications required to carry out assigned studies, projects and reports.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14695414

As the Manager of the Airport Communications Center (ACC), you will be managing critical service delivery functions of staff to Aviation Division departments and airport tenants. You will also provide operational support, continuity of operations and develop creative and progressive management and business solutions to coincide with the challenges of accelerated change.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14695418

Responsible for skilled technical and inspection work assisting in ensuring the day-to-day safe operations of the airfield, terminals and public service functions of an airport. Conducts a variety of inspections and technical research. Prepares written reports. Directs interaction with airport tenants and their employees, airport users, federal, state, and municipal employees and the general public. Provides classroom and practical instruction in airfield driving to airport employees, tenants, outside agencies, and contractors. Supports management through the coordination of emergency response on the airport. Directs snow removal operations. Assists daily operations in accordance with federal certification requirements, federal, state, and local laws, municipal and departmental policies, and in accordance with best practices.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14674753

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority is seeking a Managing Director for Cecil Spaceport (VQQ). The Managing Director will direct the spaceport infrastructure, establish operational protocols, and manage the development of telemetry and range safety. Position is responsible for coordinating all internal and external work resources and provides leadership and manages all associated resources deemed necessary and appropriate for the safe, efficient, and effective operation of the spaceport. Makes appropriate independent decisions as requested and represents the Director, in his/her absence. Bachelor’s degree in Spaceflight Operations, Business Management, Airport Aviation Management, Aerospace Administration, Spaceport, or a closely related field and Five (5) years’ experience in spaceport management. Preferred qualifications include a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Science, Business Management, Airport Aviation Management, Aerospace Administration, Spaceport, or a closely related field.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14689313

Essential Job Functions Operate a centralized telephone, paging, intercom, and two-way radio communications console Answer and properly route incoming calls Respond to inquiries from airport tenants and the public regarding services, capabilities, responsibilities, and general information Monitor CCTV (closed circuit television), security, fire alarms, and other related building operating systems Determine the proper routing of emergency and non-emergency notifications Develop and maintain communication logs and reports, which include information from callers, dispatch records, status of field units, and radio communications Operate computer terminals and perform data entry Retrieve information from computerized databases Develop and maintain information references, maps, directories, reports, etc., in manual and computerized form Perform various inspections throughout the facility to ensure compliance with federal, state, and Airport rules and regulations
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14689736

This is technical work performing landside terminal and grounds inspections to help enforce compliance with Federal safety regulations and airport rules, policies, procedures, leases and agreements. Responds to any emergencies in the terminal and landside. This work requires general knowledge of Part 139 aviation rules and regulations. Contacts require courtesy, tact, skills in understanding and influencing people, and effectiveness in dealing with others. The work is performed following clearly defined regulations, policies and procedures, and involves a variety of situations, requiring the frequent use of judgement in search of solutions. The work is performed in a commercial service airport environment. Operates computers and other standard office equipment. The work is performed under limited supervision subject to regulations, policies and procedures.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14678301

The Supervising Engineer assigns, reviews and supervises design and construction projects at SBA and oversees the work of consultants, contractors, and technical staff in the design and construction of public improvements and capital maintenance projects. Manages and participates in the preparation of plans, specifications, cost and quarterly estimates, and bid documents; negotiates terms and fees and approves contractor and consultant pay requests. Prepares analytical and statistical reports, grant applications, and outside consultant contracts; manages, coordinates and schedules projects and oversees the maintenance of records, maps and construction project documents. Participates in budget preparation and administration, prepares cost estimates, monitors and controls expenditures, tracks staff time and budgets. Solves controversial and complex technical and logistical problems. Must have a strong background in Airport construction projects; must be very familiar and experienced with Airport and FAA rules and regs.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14685425

The Salina Airport Authority (SAA) is accepting applications for Assistant Manager of Operations at the Salina Regional Airport, Salina, KS. Applicant is responsible for monitoring airport operations and provide guidance and direction to ensure compliance with safety and security requirements set forth by existing City, State and Federal regulations and standards. Applicant must have associates or bachelor’s degree in airport management or closely related field. Previous experience with airport operations including 14 CFR Part 139 and TSAR Part 1542 required. Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to pass a TSA Security Threat Assessment (STA) and Criminal History Record Check (CHRC).
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14685707

Under direct supervision, performs assigned duties in the both the Operations Office and Airport Operation Center (AOC); manages use of airport facilities in accordance with established policies and procedures. Maintains airport compliance with Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 77 and 139, Transportation Security Regulation (TSR) Part 1542, and all other applicable statutes, regulations and requirements and ensures the safety and security of all airport users. Communicates and assists all airport stakeholders. To be considered for this opportunity, you must have an application on file.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14675397

The Coos County Airport District is seeking a Deputy Director for the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport (OTH). The Deputy Director is responsible for directing, coordinating, and supervising leases, contracts, airport finance, grant administration, budgeting, project management as well as airport operations and maintenance for the Airport. Responsible for assisting the Executive Director and Operations Manager with compliance of FAA Part 139 and TSA 1542 regulations. Bachelor's Degree from an accredited four-year college or university with major course work in airport management, business management or related field and three years of experience in lease management, project management, budgeting, airport finance, grant administration, airport operations, security, safety or airline operations at a nonhub or small hub airport are required or equivalent combination of training and/or experience. AAAE C.M. or A.A.E. Accreditation preferred.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14677520

The Properties Coordinator - Ground Transportation at Memphis International Airport (MEM) is a key position responsible for daily operational and maintenance matters affecting airport properties and ground transportation activities. This position oversees adherence to revenue control procedures, performs facility utilization studies, maintains a lease management database, performs audits and inspections and coordinates security and maintenance issues with proper departments. Associate’s degree /equivalent. Four (4) years’ experience in ground transportation, airport operations, logistical operations, or other relevant experience. Must have experience and proficient knowledge of Microsoft applications, good written and verbal communications, math skills, and superior customer services and organizational skills. Must have a valid driver license
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14677813

SpecialistResponsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of a regional non-hub commercial services airport to ensure activities conform to Federal Aviation Regulation (CFR) Part 139, Transportation Security Regulation (TSR) 1542, and Federal, State, local, and Airport rules/regulations.Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management, Airport Management, or related field.Preferred current experience in operations of CFR Part 139 Airport and TSR 1542 compliance. Successfully pass a CHRC, STA, Drug Screen, Physical, and Driving Authorization prior to hire. Must obtain a Louisiana driver’s license within forty-five (45) days of employment and have a good driving record. Prefer possession of Certified Member (CM) with the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), experience with Flight Training, and/or Airport Certified Employee (ACE) designation.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14678309

Performs professional work managing the development, review, and approval of the design and construction of airport buildings and facilities and provides technical assistance to other related building construction as directed. Oversees customer service initiatives, supports the mission of the Aviation Department’s Construction and Development Division and Capital Improvements Program. Directs and participates in Aviation project development. Develops and monitors construction and professional services contracts. Leads, facilitates, conducts and develops the Aviation Department's Design Review Committee. Leads, develops and enforces organizational Design Criteria and Standards. Conducts Quality Assurance inspections during all phases of construction . Reviews consultant and tenant design drawings for constructability and code compliance. Establishes, supervises the development and planning of preliminary programs, budgets, and schedules to meet project needs and makes recommendations on project delivery methods. Reviews plans, specifications, cost estimates, inspects sites during construction operations. Develops project reports and presentations. Programs, designs, draws, and writes technical specifications.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14678069

The City of Phoenix Aviation Department is seeking a highly motivated, dynamic, and talented individual for our Common Use Coordinator (Aviation Supervisor II) for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. This position interacts heavily with airport operations, the Airport Duty Manager, airlines, and vendors while collaborating with outside organizations, government agencies and command center staff. The incumbent may rotate and supervise Terminal Operations staff and will be responsible for managing administrative tasks and other functions necessary for consistent, optimal common use performance. Currently, this position will report to the Terminal Operations Manager.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14675620

Under general supervision of the Director of Transportation Services, manages the daily operations of the Abilene Regional Airport (ABI); oversees compliance of airport activities with City, State and Federal regulations and policies. Assumes the duties of the Director in his/her absence. Applicant must have a high level of self-motivation and require little direct supervision. Exercises direct supervision over Airport Operations/ARFF and Maintenance Supervisors and Parking Attendants. Manages Airport Operations, Maintenance, Security, and Safety programs. Develops and implements programs and procedures to assure that the airport complies with State and Federal regulations. These programs and management functions include, but are not limited to: Airport Certification Manual, Airport Emergency Plan, Airport Security Program, Airport Wildlife Management Plan, Airport Pavement Maintenance Management Program, Airport Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14674939

The Talent, Culture & Capability department is looking for a Learning & Development Specialist. In this role, you will use intentional learning to develop, design, and implement learning solutions focused on strengthening employees’ aptitude and deliver learning initiatives and programs across the organization. This position is also responsible for developing and integrating projects to achieve strategic business goals and operational initiatives.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14675067

The Community Affairs Team’s work aligns with CLT’s strategic priority of Strong Partnerships in the fulfillment of Aviation’s vision to serve as an economic engine of the Carolinas, facilitating the movement of people and goods, creating jobs and enterprise, and sustaining a higher quality of life.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14655056

Avports is an airport manager and operator with management contracts at US airports. Our business is expanding, and need a skilled Business Developer, with financial investment experience, to aide the company’s growth. The VP’s role will be to acquire new contracts, establish and build client relationships as well as strengthen the existing relationships, and further public-private partnership (P3) airport investments. The ideal candidate will have experience developing revenue generating opportunities, including promoting, marketing, and selling services and products to US airports, airlines, and other industry users, and understand equity investment cycles. Travel throughout the United States and occasionally abroad required for this position. Position will report to the CEO and to other senior executives of the company. Salary commensurate with experience. Minimum of ten years professional experience, with five years promoting, marketing and selling services and products to US airports, airlines and other industry users in a similar roll.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14671082

Responsible for skilled technical and inspection work assisting in ensuring the day-to-day safe operations of the airfield, terminals and public service functions of an airport. Conducts a variety of inspections and technical research. Prepares written reports. Directs interaction with airport tenants and their employees, airport users, federal, state, and municipal employees and the general public. Provides classroom and practical instruction in airfield driving to airport employees, tenants, outside agencies, and contractors. Supports management through the coordination of emergency response on the airport. Directs snow removal operations. Assists daily operations in accordance with federal certification requirements, federal, state, and local laws, municipal and departmental policies, and in accordance with best practices.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14671109

Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) is seeking motivated candidates for the position of Operations Specialist. This entry-level position is responsible for ensuring safe and efficient day to day operations of the airport. Qualified candidates will be self-motivated and able to prioritize duties efficiently. A working knowledge of FAR Parts 77, 139, TSR 1542, and 150 Airport Series Advisory Circulars, in addition to all other applicable statutes, regulations, and requirements, is required. Duties include but are not limited to airfield inspections, responding to airport alerts, snow removal, safety and environmental compliance, NOTAM management, wildlife management, airport driver training program management, and other duties as assigned.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14665361

Some of what you'll be doing: As a Senior Manager, Aviation Properties & Airline Affairs, you will act as the Aviation Division's primary liaison with senior airline business partners is to ensure airline interests, issues and concerns are appropriately represented and addressed in Airport decision making, synthesizing operational, capital, financial and political factors to achieve the Airport's multi-faceted strategies. You will also oversee the Aviation Properties and Lease Administration teams who are responsible for the negotiation and management of aviation leases and agreements in the Terminal, on the Airfield and on Airport property outside the Airfield fence.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14665802

Some of what you'll be doing: As the Manager, Airport Certification you will manage programs related to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for civil airports (to include general understanding of ICAO Aerodrome practices). You will also be responsible for staff who maintain daily continuity of operations tasks at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14665808

Mojave Air and Space Port is seeking an experienced Director of Operations, that will manage air and ground activities daily. We are an active air and space port with various flight activity, including experimental aircraft. The person we are seeking will have at least 10 years of Airport Management experience as well as experience in incident management.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14666009

The Springfield-Branson National Airport is seeking qualified individuals for the position of Aircraft Services Specialist. This position will service aircraft with proper fuel along with performing Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF), EMS services, and other aviation-related support.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14659083

Functions as a general mechanic for vehicles, buildings, and grounds. May include, but not limited to, vehicles, property, plant, and equipment. Work requires the performance of skilled tasks in mechanical repair and maintenance of automobiles, heavy duty trucks, tractors and other standard and special equipment in accordance with standard trade practices. This job also performs routine maintenance work in the physical maintenance of the airport buildings and grounds. Performs work involved with any repair, diagnoses of problems and recommends repairs of vehicles or equipment within the capability of the Airport Maintenance Division. Operates a variety of airport maintenance equipment including but not limited to snow removal equipment, tractor, brush hog, mowers, backhoe, heavy equipment, and light vehicles. Performs snow removal of roadways and runways when necessary. Completes daily part 139 inspections of runways and taxiway surfaces, lighting and signage to verify safety of airport operations and compliance with FAA standards.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14654678

The Operations Intern is assigned to work under the supervision of the Airport Operations Department and will be immersed in a variety of projects relating directly to airport operations and security. The Intern will gain experience in airfield safety and inspections, emergency response, snow removal, and airfield maintenance and construction. Interns are also funded to attend one industry-sponsored training seminar/symposium, the subject at the discretion of the Airport Aviation Director. Interns are considered part of the staff and expected to perform at a level commensurate with their abilities. Weekends and variable shifts will be part of the program. As an intern, participants will be exposed to, and gain experience in the following aspects of airport operations Emergency response Rules/Regulations/Standards enforcement Airfield safety inspections Radio use/procedures NOTAMS Tenant relations Coordination of snow removal/surface assessment Federal Aviation Regulations / Transportation Security Regulations Advisory Circulars Construction
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14654810

The Intern is assigned to work under the supervision of the Airport Properties / Planning / Construction Managers and will be immersed in a variety of projects relating directly to airport property management, airport planning, and construction. They are assigned a variety of projects involving administrative issues and property management. Interns are also funded to attend one industry-sponsored training seminar/symposium, the subject at the discretion of the Airport Aviation Director. Interns are considered part of the staff and expected to perform at a level commensurate with their abilities. Weekends and variable shifts may be part of the program. As an intern, participants will be exposed to, and gain experience in the following aspects of airport operations Ground transportation rules and regulations Projects and construction Special assignments RFP Research Aviation related benchmarking surveys Creating new SOPs
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14655140

Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) seeking an Intern to work alongside our Airport Operations Department. In addition to working with Airport Operations the intern will have the opportunity to work with other departments within our organization to include our Department of Public Safety. The intern’s duties may include; airport security badge issuance and training, airside and landside inspections, wildlife hazard management, and tenant fuel farm and fuel truck inspections. The internship is a 10-week period set to take place during the months of June – August, with the exact dates to be determined based on the intern’s availability.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14655264

Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: Enforces the City’s Noise Ordinance. Facilitates and monitors, operates, maintains, troubleshoots noise monitoring equipment and flight tracking systems. Assists in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies and priorities. Prepares statistical analyses and reports; maintains databases and charts relating to noise abatement. Develops noise seminars for pilots and community groups; conducts workshops for aircraft operators; meets with the public and professional staff on a routine basis. Represents the Airport at community and regional meetings. Assists in development of agenda reports and departmental presentations. Monitors areas of the Airport as required ensuring compliance with city, state and federal regulations. Inspects all airport areas, including hangers, runways, and fuel storage areas for compliance with airport and FAA safety regulations. Documents observed conditions through a daily log and incident reports. Reports observed violations of airport rules and regulations. Promptly reports emergency conditions.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14655422

Would you like to be involved in the largest infrastructure project in Kansas City and become a vital member of a growing Aviation team in the Midwest? Garver’s Overland Park Aviation team is seeking a Project Manager that will be responsible for performing a wide array of aviation-related design, planning, project administration, client management and business development services for commercial and general aviation airports throughout Kansas, Missouri and surrounding states. Duties and responsibilities of this role will include: Project management for both horizontal and vertical design projects at commercial service and general aviation airports Construction administration and oversight for multiple commercial service and general aviation clients Collaborating and/or coordinating design teams consisting of multi-discipline design engineers and technicians Coordination with clients and funding agencies Develop and implement a business plan to secure additional projects in the Midwest Develop, capture, and maintain sufficient workload for the team Provide outstanding client service
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14650272

Under general supervision, this position coordinates, oversees and performs journeyman level, routine maintenance and construction work on electrical equipment in accordance with FAA Regulations, National Electrical Code and Safety Requirements. Position is subject to twenty-four (24) hour work availability, including shift work, weekends, holidays, emergency calls, inclement weather, and special events.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14650248

Centennial Airport (CO) is seeking a highly motivated individual desiring hands-on experience in the pursuit of a career in airport management. The intern will receive extensive exposure to both airport operations and planning/development at one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country. The position includes emergency response coordination, snow removal, airfield/ramp inspections, construction oversight and noise abatement. The internship is a one-year full time contract position that pays $18.00/hr. Ability to work a wide variety of shifts including nights, weekends and holidays is required. Qualified applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in airport management/administration or related aviation field or, at a minimum, be currently enrolled in a four year degree program and have achieved senior status in pursuit of an aviation degree.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14650582

This critical role is responsible for all airfield /landside areas, pavement, security fence lines, landscaping, paint markings, lighting, and signage systems in compliance with FAR Part 139 standards and advisory circulars. Your knowledge and experience should include 1) concrete and asphalt repair; 2) irrigation system installation, repair and maintenance; 3) equipment/tools used in airfield and landscape maintenance trades; 4) herbicide and pesticide storage, application, record keeping and certification requirements; and 5) Federal Aviation Administration FAR Part 139 standards. A high school diploma or equivalent, a minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience in an airport environment at a FAR Part 139 airport), maintenance, or construction industry; and three years of supervisory experience.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14650850

Ramp Controller: The role of the entry level position is to control ramp operations for ramps 3 and 4 at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport through the performance of a variety of duties as dictated by operational requirements that include; providing commercial pilots with pushback and taxi instructions through a VHF frequency; actively interact with FAA personnel to determine RNAV runway assignments and configurations; assure compliance with minimum standards and regulations relating to all tenants including airline and ramp procedures. International Operations Coordinator: The role of this entry level position is to assist with coordinating the daily international/domestic common-use operations on Concourse D, Concourse E and International Terminal F. While this position is more of a landside operations position, providing ramp control services on International Ramp 9 is also a required function of this position. Must be able to obtain a Customs and Border Protection Seal to be eligible for position.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14644998

1.Plan and evaluate the performance of assigned staff; provide feedback and coaching for performance improvement and development; foster collaborative relationships and an inclusive work environment. 2.Develop, implement, and maintain budgets, forecasts, cost plans and schedules, and other financial information for projects and programs. 3.Monitor and analyze project financial trends by comparing budget against actual expenditure and forecast data; analyze variances to budget, costs, and schedules across multiple projects; update budgets, schedules, and cost plans. 4.Perform various cost, budget and expenditure analysis for projects and program; review critical path analyses and baseline schedules and define metrics; develop cash flow forecasting and cost reporting; interpret financial information and identify impacts, milestones, and trends; provide input and make recommendations to optimize cash flows and mitigate or reduce risks. 5.Collaborate and maintain relationships with cross-functional teams; attend and participate in project status meetings; and performs other duties as required.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14645162

This is administrative, professional and managerial work directing the upkeep, preventative maintenance and repair of all facilities and grounds belonging to the City and situated on the 2,800 acres of land occupied by the Tallahassee International Airport. The incumbent manages staff that includes professionals, licensed trades workers, technicians, and service/maintenance personnel, and ensures that all work is performed in adherence to standards set by state and federal regulatory bodies, airport administration, and contractual obligations. Duties also include serving as liaison with contractors and bidders on minor repair and maintenance contracts. Assignments received allow for considerable independent judgment and initiative in the selection of work methods and procedures for the Facilities Management Division to achieve desired standards in efficiency and effectiveness. Performs related work as required.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14645398

The Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet) is currently seeking an experienced, strategic transportation professional to serve as the General Manager. As TriMet’s chief executive officer, the General Manager has the full authority for leading and directing the administration and operation of TriMet, overseeing safety and security, customer experience, system development, maintenance, community, government and corporate relations, business strategy, and short and long range financial planning. TriMet’s General Manager is responsible for implementing Board policy and setting the strategic direction of the District in line with community goals and needs and leads and collaborates closely with the executive team to operationalize that strategy. Additionally, the General Manager will build a culture of safety and customer service through effective leadership and role modeling.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14635852

SBA's Business Development and Marketing group includes property management, new business development, air service marketing and community relations and education. The daily work of the Property Management Supervisor includes both the typical tenant relations and leasing, problem-solving and compliance matters, as well as proposing new business ideas and contributing to capital improvement teams and will be responsible for working with the Airport Business Development Manager and Airport Director to develop new business opportunities and maximize the financial return on Airport programs and assets. The successful candidate also will supervise a team of two property management professionals. The ideal candidate may be a mid-career professional looking for new challenges at an airport with a promising future in a robust regional economy.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14635854

The Port is currently recruiting for the position of Aviation Facilities Maintenance Manager. Under general direction, the Aviation Facilities Maintenance Manager is responsible for leading and managing facilities maintenance and minor construction activities on a daily 24-hour basis at the Oakland International Airport. This position is responsible for delivering quality, cost effective maintenance services to internal and external customers, as well as the oversight of customer/stakeholder satisfaction, ensuring performance standards are established and met, providing budget management and financial performance, preventive maintenance of all equipment, and related procurement and contracting activities. The incumbent may act in the capacity of the Assistant Director of Aviation during periods of absence.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14635909

At the Transportation Research Board (TRB), we care about the complex transportation challenges facing us today, including those that address equity, safety, climate change, congestion, and sustainability. We monitor the direction of emerging technologies like drones, 3-D printing, artificial intelligence, and driverless vehicles, and we study the impact they have on our nation. We are a division of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, which provides nonpartisan, objective guidance for decision and policy makers. The Senior Program Officer will manage projects primarily in the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP), but may manage projects in other TRB Cooperative Research Programs as needed. The Senior Program Officer will work with expert panels established for the purpose of guiding projects primarily in the ACRP Synthesis of Airport Practice series on a wide variety of airport topics (e.g., operations, environmental, and administration).
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14630802

Under general supervision, responsible for all Airport checks, inspections, security checks, communications, work order, airport security system oversight, CCTV monitoring, escort coordination and emergency response. Provide emergency and non-emergency communications response to individuals and entities that request or require support services from Police, Fire, EMS, ARFF, FBO, or Security at PSA. JOB FUNCTIONS -Coordinate day-to-day activities of Kelly Field/Port SA (PSA) through a 24-hour Airport Operations Communications Center (AOCC). -Monitor security/emergency equipment and/or systems and closed circuit television monitors, report breaches of airport security. -Answer emergency and non-emergency phone calls, determine nature of request and act upon phone call. -Provide customer service to PSA employees, other governmental agencies and tenants by performing duties such as providing work related and emergency information.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14626181

The Airport (Colorado Springs Airport) seeks an Administrative Technician to perform a variety of highly responsible and complex administrative support and/or clerical duties.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14626845

The Airport (Colorado Springs Airport) seeks an Administrative Technician to perform a variety of highly responsible and complex administrative support and/or clerical duties.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14626845

Responsible for managing the technical, financial, and business administration of airport projects from concept through implementation, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. Manages Planning & Development (P&D) Department staff and business processes focused on design issues, constructability, standards & specifications development, code compliance, scoping, design review, and technical data management. Coordinates airport engineering and design subject matter across several CVG business lines.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14621983

CVG is deeply committed to our mission of becoming the airport of choice to work for, fly from and do business with. To do this, we foster a culture of teamwork, innovation and continuous improvement. Every employee has the opportunity to make a difference, to make travel through CVG an unforgettably positive experience. Join our team of talented professionals in an exciting, fast-paced environment. Join the team that keeps the traveling public safe roadway to runway! Sworn law enforcement officers perform the traditional Police Officer responsibilities in a unique airport environment. The department offers diverse assignments including K9, investigations, special response team, bike patrol, and drug enforcement. Training is continuous and convenient with a shooting range and training center located on airport property.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14622001

Police Officer – Lateral Certified Officer CVG is deeply committed to our mission of becoming the airport of choice to work for, fly from and do business with. To do this, we foster a culture of teamwork, innovation and continuous improvement. Every employee has the opportunity to make a difference, to make travel through CVG an unforgettably positive experience. Join our team of talented professionals in an exciting, fast-paced environment. Expand your career and join the team that keeps the traveling public safe roadway to runway!
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14622009

In a newly envisioned reporting structure, the Finance Manager will report to the Deputy Director of Finance at Pitkin County. This position will support, oversee and manage the airport enterprise fund along with general oversight and support of other County Funds including Public Works, Road & Bridge, Open Space & Trails, Library, Radio and Solid Waste. The expected airport work in comparison to other funds is 75% and 25% respectively. With a strong focus on airport financials, the incoming Finance Manager will have the ability to broaden their financial base by supporting other County funds.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14622139

SBN seeks an Airport Operations intern available to work 25+ hours a week for summer semester. Interested applicants must be able to fulfill the bulk of their hours Monday – Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Hours needed to be worked for special operations will be included within the weekly total but may go past the 4:00pm timeframe. The Airport Operations Intern will work closely with the Airport Operations Manager and Operations Specialists.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14616531

At the Allegheny County Airport Authority, we all have a role in the ambitious transformation of becoming a smarter airport that will enhance the passenger experience and deliver on our mission of being a global aviation leader. Here is how the Fire Chief will help: Direct fire department response to all emergency incidents including aircraft alerts/incidents at PIT and AGC. 14 CFR Part 139 including exercises and events. NFPA code and ARFF regulations. Standard operational procedures. MSDS sheets and SARA TITLE III activities; Facility and equipment inspections. Airport jurisdictional building/facilities. Correspondence for internal and external distribution pertaining to decisions, problems, requests; Daily/weekly staff activities, training classes. Meet with the public, federal, state and local regulatory agencies. Department operating budget. Performance management, coaching, training, motivation/discipline. Other related tasks as assigned or required.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14604619

The selected candidate will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Airport Security Unit, Airport ID Office, and the supervision of assigned staff. The Airport Security Manager is designated as the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) and the Facility Information Security Officer and serves as primary point of contact with Port Authority units that are involved in planning and construction of the airport's physical and technological security systems. The Security Manager will also coordinator with all local, state and federal agencies.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14618071

Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Michigan Department of Transportation’s 2021 Airport of the Year, is seeking an experienced Maintenance and Asset Management Director. This position will be responsible for leading teams that focus on the critical areas of facilities and field maintenance, associated infrastructure as well as develop talent to create a comprehensive and cohesive department. Functional areas within the scope of this position include preventative and corrective maintenance programs for: Structures and Facilities (terminal buildings, concourses, HVAC, electrical, conveyance, etc.), Airfield Maintenance (runways, taxiways, roadways, fleet, paving and snow and ice control etc.) and Grounds. Experience developing and overseeing an airport snow and ice control plan is strongly preferred.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14618297

Position will be performing perimeter, terminal, and grounds inspections and assessments to enforce compliance with FAA, TSA regulations, other federal regulations and complementary airport system rules, policies and procedures. Position will also conduct training classes as necessary on these subject areas, conduct inspections and assessments of airport facilities to ensure all building facilities are clean and in good operating condition, conducting review of airport video systems and interacting with the general public; performing adjustment and maintenance of the security screening queuing system to ensure the effective and efficient movement of passengers through the airport, and will also be responsible for responding and assisting in any emergency situation or evacuation.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14618421

St. Joseph County Airport Authority (SJCAA) in South Bend, IN is seeking an enthusiastic, forward thinking individual for the position of, Information and Communications Center Agent (CCA). This position is primarily responsible for supporting the Airport Authority’s mission, vision and values. This position promotes the safety and security of airport users by monitoring scanner radios for Airport, Mutual Aid and FAA frequencies. Acts as liaison among parties operating on different frequencies and will dispatch appropriate personnel to events on airport property when necessary. The position also monitors closed-circuit television screens for surveillance and safety purposes on an ongoing basis. In addition, position processes applications for airport-issued identification badges, creates the badges, maintains accurate records and ensures the compliance of those records. A CCA provides information and communicates with all departments and tenants at SBN and is ultimately known as a, Dedicated Customer Care Specialist for the traveling public!
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14616528

Airport Technician is responsible for performing a wide variety of maintenance, repair, and technical work on airport facilities. grounds, and equipment.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14536522

The Talent, Culture & Capability department is looking for a Human Resources Information Systems Analyst II. In this role you will have the exciting opportunity to make an impact on the Airport Authority staff through their various HRIS systems and programs. We are looking for an engaging HRIS professional that can quickly build relationships with internal stakeholders and can work collaboratively to help grow our HRIS programs
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14609395

Traverse City, Mich. Supervises the operation & maintenance division of the Cherry Capital Airport. Responsibilities include maintaining safety, efficiency and compliance with all federal, state & local regulations including FAR Part 139 and TSR 1542. Serves as Airport Duty manager during assigned shift. Must possess a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Management, Aviation Science, Business Administration or other relevant field. Must be available for night, holiday, weekend, rotating or irregular shift assignments during holidays.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14609623

The Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners (PBC BCC) invites applications for Director, Airports Planning, Department of Airports. In this highly responsible role, you will perform professional, administrative, and technical work planning and coordinating airport development at Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), and three other general aviation airports. Supervises a staff of 10 management, professional, technical and support employees engaged in planning, technical services, noise abatement and community affairs operations. This position reports to the Deputy Director, Airports Development.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14609621

This role partners with one other technician to lead repair and preventative upkeep efforts that ensure the airport’s property and fleet of trucks, emergency and snow removal vehicles, and equipment are in excellent working condition. Using complex problem solving and technical skills, the individual in this role also takes ownership of maintaining emergency generator systems and jet bridges. Requirements: Successful candidates should demonstrate at least 5 years of related experience where they have honed superb trouble shooting skills, the ability to perform maintenance on vehicles, knowledge of heavy duty and small engine repair, both gas and diesel, and a working understanding of auto diagnostic systems. Ideal candidates will possess at least two automobile/light truck service certifications or completed similar studies at a trade school or university and have a proven track record in outstanding customer service and a commitment to continued learning. Please
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14604588

The Broward County Aviation Department is seeking an Enterprise Director of Finance responsible for supervisory and administrative work in planning, organizing and directing the activities of the Aviation Finance Division. Work involves responsibility for the administration and direction of all financial operational activities for Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and North Perry Airport. Will oversee the Aviation Finance Division staff of 23 employees in four functional areas: capital projects finance & accounting, financial operations, financial planning & analysis, general ledger & financial reporting as well as establishing airline rates and charges and the development of internal accounting policies. Must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in accounting, finance, business administration or closely related field and six years progressively responsible experience in accounting and financial management, including two years of high level supervisory and administrative or closely related experience.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14604750

This position exists to assist in directing and managing the day-to-day functions of all 24/7/365 Airport Operations at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, focusing on airport regulatory compliance and passenger movement through the Airport Terminal. This position performs management work planning, directing, supervising and reviewing the work Airport Operations personnel to include Airside Operations, Security Operations, and Terminal Operations. This includes Aviation Department employees plus numerous contractual relationships. Maintains effective working relationships with tenants, other City departments, co-workers, the public, contractors and regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The exercise of considerable independent judgment and initiative is expected and extensive public contact is involved.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14604812

King County International Airport (KCIA) is seeking a graduate-level intern excited to dive into the fast-moving, dynamic work of this “City within a City.” KCIA manages a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) of almost $30 million per year and averages 200,000 aircraft operations per year. This masters-level internship will provide the opportunity for a future public-sector leader to get hands-on experience managing project delivery of the division’s capital improvement program through standardizing project management and reporting tools, developing the divisions capital budget, and increased community engagement. This position will have the opportunity to mentor other interns and work cross-sectionally within the division to get a full picture of work at KCIA
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14605161

King County International Airport (KCIA) is seeking a undergraduate-level engineering intern to help deliver capital projects that will shape this “City within a City” for decades. Through collaboration with KCIA’s growing team of engineers, planners, and environmental scientists, you will gain hands-on experience in infrastructure elements including pavement design and construction, environmental remediation, buildings, and utilities (stormwater, sanitary sewer, electrical and communications).
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14605169

King County International Airport is seeking a high school intern that will gain valuable work experience in its customer-focused, results-driven Finance section. You will participate in a variety of “hands on” projects that build soft skills including networking, communication, punctuality, and time management. Through collaboration with KCIA's growing team of airport professionals, you will gain hands-on work experience in the many aspects of the airport.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14605250

Directs all operational aspects of the airport to include airside, landside and terminal maintenance. Examples of Duties / Knowledge & Skills: Ensures that safe, secure, and efficient operations are conducted at the Texarkana Regional Airport. Ensures that the Airport Certification Manual is prepared and maintained as required by Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 139. Prepares and maintains the Airport Security Program. Directs and supervises the activities of the airport and terminal maintenance staff. Develops, implements and trains all personnel in the airports driver safety program to keep the airport in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety regulations. Directs and supervises the Airport’s Wildlife Control Program to include the development of a wildlife control plan. Coordinate all state and federal depredation permits. Manages the Airport’s Badging and Access Control System. Will be required to respond to the Airport for emergencies.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14605306

Aviation Project Manager (APM) Seeking a self-starting experienced project manager, customer oriented and driven to complete projects within budget, on time with high standards implemented. The APM is responsible for the direction, coordination, and management of FAA and State aviation planning and capital projects within the state of Georgia. The APM will assist in the implementation and maintenance of the state’s airport Capital Improvement Program. Inspections of airport construction sites will be required.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14546606

ResourceTek is recruiting for a strategic/visionary UAS Program Development Manager. The UAS Program Development Manager will be the main point of contact for all UAS Operations within a large, state government, multi-discipline organization, focusing on advancing the existing UAS Program. This is a long-term, multi-year contract position in Atlanta Georgia.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14546666

Sanford Airport Authority is seeking an experienced Airfield Electrician to maintain electrical systems on the airfield, and provide support for other electrical repairs and upgrades on the properties of the Orlando Sanford International Airport. SAA offers competitive benefits and a SIGNING BONUS depending on experience and credentials. Pay of up to $75,000 annually DOE.
Web: https://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/14547090

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